​  Features of Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7)

 MenaQ7 provides natural vitamin K2
 K2 vitamins are essential to utilize calcium in the body
 The majority of healthy people are deficient in vitamin K2
 Natural vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is the most bioavailable, longest lasting and most       bioactive form of Vitamin K, derived from Natto.
 Safe and effective at just 45mcg daily
 Only natural vitamin K2 consumption has been linked to the inhibition of arterial calcification
 MenaQ7 is the ONLY clinically supported natural vitamin K2 supplement
 Vitamin K activates certain proteins in the body. These proteins are dependent on vitamin K in  order to bind calcium to the surface of the bones, inhibit calcium in the bloodstream.        

 Features of MCHC Calcium
 Excellent source of bioavailable calcium
 Microcrystalline structure provides a large surface area which is thought to help facilitate  mineral absorption.
 Contains intact organic bone matrix, collagen protein and mucopolysaccharides
 Provides a full complement of minerals that are important for healthy bone formation and metabolism such as phosphorus, fluoride, magnesium, silicon, iron, zinc, copper and manganese
 Effective in minimizing bone loss
 Helps increase cortical bone thickness
 Significant improvement in the pattern and quality of bone healing
 Our fishbone-derived calcium:
 has high free elemental calcium, which is easily absorbed
 contains unique high-affinity calcium-binding peptides and phosphor-peptides that act as  calcium fortifiers
 contains naturally derived nutrients: phosphate, magnesium and potassium
 contains Collagen

New Vitamin Effective in Improving Calcium Benefits
Many of us have taken calcium in an effort to increase the amount in our bodies so that our bones will have an ample source when needed. What is now known is that much of that calcium never reaches our bones and can actually end up in our arteries. Today, researchers have discovered that a little known vitamin, Vitamin K2, plays an important part in helping calcium find it's target. Unfortunately vitamin K2 is highly lacking in our western diets and almost all of us are deficient in this key vitamin.
K2 activates 2 particular proteins in our bodies that do two specific jobs. Vitamin K2 activates the Osteocalcin protein which takes calcium into our bones, while the other protein, Matrix GLA removes calcium from our bloodstream and can help prevent calcified arteries, strokes, and kidney stones. When combined with vitamin D3, a synergistic effect is formed and they both act together more effectively in placing calcium where needed and removing where it is not.
Ossomer® has been completely updated because of this vital information. Our bones can now enjoy all of the benefits of a natural calcium supplement like Ossomer®. Ossomer® is a unique supplement in that it supplies both the natural calcium we need and now with K2-MQ7 (the natural form) lets this superb calcium supplement reach it's intended goal, your bones, all the while keeping any excess calcium out of your bloodstream. Read on and you will see the unique type of calcium found in Ossomer® and watch the interesting video on vitamin K2 that will give you a new understanding on how vital this vitamin is for bone and heart health.

Ossomer® Now Contains Vitamin K2-MQ7
Natural Vitamin K2 allows the calcium in Ossomer® to perform better. K2 keeps the calcium in our bones where we need it, while cleaning up the calcium in our bloodstreams. Ossomer® contains Phosphorus and Magnesium in perfect balance. Ossomer® also contains Collagen and Vitamin D3. Our skeleton replaces itself every 7 years. It is important to keep up with this natural replacement of calcium. Calcium is essential for all of us.

Ossomer® will not cause digestive upset. All Natural Ingredients! Elemental Minerals And Vitamins including Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3

K2-MQ7 - Natural Form of K2
Artery Sweeper and Bone Builder
Each Capsule Contains 125mcg Natural Vitamin K2 
Keep Calcium In Your Bones and Out Of Your Arteries

​Is there a difference in the calcium found in many supplements? 
The difference lies in the fact that while your body needs calcium for various functions, including muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmissions and in keeping bones strong, just adding calcium is often not enough. It has to arrive at it's intended destination, our bones, and remain there without floating or accumulating in our bloodstream.
Ossomer® is made during a cold process that ensures the full spectrum of bone nutrients are available to be absorbed. Whole bones consist of more than just calcium. Calcium in your bones accounts for approximately 20% of the entire makeup of bone. The other 80% contains phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and many other minerals, as well as collagen protein. Collagen is also very important to the strength of your bones, by helping them from becoming brittle. MCHC does contain calcium, but in the appropriate ratio to the others, and just as important, components of whole bone. MCHC contains the true 20% calcium plus the other 80% minerals found in bones. Only Vitamin D3 and now natural vitamin K2 is added to Ossomer®, everything else is exactly as found in the cold processed raw bones.

There are many choices for calcium supplementation. Bio-Avalability of the calcium and minerals is key. If it just floats around in your blood and never reaches it's target, it won't give positive results. Ossomer® MCHC Calcium Supplement produces results. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Calcium Salts:
calcium carbonate  an insoluble salt, CaCO3, occurring naturally in shells, limestone, and chalk and also used in more purified forms; used as an antacid and calcium replenisher and in the treatment of osteoporosis.
calcium chloride  a salt, CaCl22H2O, used in the treatment of hypocalcemia, electrolyte depletion, and hyperkalemia, and as a treatment adjunct in cardiac arrest and in magnesium poisoning.
calcium citrate  a calcium replenisher also used in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in renal osteodystophy.
calcium glubionate  a calcium replenisher, used as a nutritional supplement and for the treatment of hypocalcemia. 
calcium gluceptate  a calcium salt used in the treatment and prophylaxis of hypocalcemia and as an electrolyte replenisher.
calcium gluconate  a calcium salt used to treat or prevent hypercalcemia , nutritional deficiency, and hyperkalemia; also used as a treatment adjunct in cardiac arrest.
calcium hydroxide  a salt, Ca(OH)2, used in solution as a topical astringent.
calcium oxalate  a salt of oxalic acid, which in excess in the urine may lead to formation of oxalate calcull.
calcium oxide  lime (1).
calcium phosphate  a salt containing calcium and the phosphate radical: dibasic and tribasic c. phosphate are used as sources of calcium. This is the type of calcium found in Ossomer®
calcium polycarbophil  a calcium salt of a hydrophilic resin of the polycarboxylic type; a  bulk laxative.
calcium pyrophosphate  the pyrophosphate salt of calcium, used as a polishing agent in dentifrices. Crystals of the dihydrate form occur in the joints in calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease.
calcium sulfate  the sulfate salt of calcium, CaSO4, occurring in the anhydrous form and in a hydrated form (gypsum, q.v.), which upon being calcined forms plaster of Paris.

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This simple video explains just what Vitamin K2 works and how it effects calcium.

​Why Deep Water Fish Bone MCHC
Using deep water fish bones as our source for Ossomer® MCHC Calcium Supplement has proven to be a great breakthrough in calcium supplementation. The pristine waters the fish are harvested in contain some of the cleanest waters on earth. Deep water fish bones contain none of the heavy metal issues found in some bovine bone MCHC. Most bovine MCHC calcium supplements are found only in cattle grown and processed in Australia and New Zealand because of the heavy metal issues.

  Supplement Facts
  Each 650 mg capsules contains:
  550MG MCHC Calcium.
  137.5mg elemental calcium
  71.5mg elemental phosphorous
  2.4mg elemental magnesium
  66mg marine collagen
  62.5 mgs Vitamin K2-MQ7
  1000 IU cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)
 (Elemental means pure. No salts are present)

  Directions for use: Adults: 1-3 capsules per  day with food. Children 6-12 years: 1-2 capsules per day with food.


Ossomer® MCHC Calcium Supplement is a renewable and sustainable marine sourced calcium supplement composed of the organic calcium from deep water fish bones. Ossomer® MCHC Calcium Supplement is a microcrystalline hydroxyapatite compound based nutrient supplement. Ossomer® MCHC Calcium Supplement is the result of the new focus on utilizing minerals and organic components found within these natural fish bones. Fish bones used in Ossomer® come from fish caught in the pristine waters of New Zealand's fishing regions including Antarctica. These regions are free from pollution and contaminants. Fish bones have long been proven to be an excellent source of calcium and contain high levels of free elemental calcium that help increase its' bioavailability. Phosphopepitides and peptides which play a role as 'calcium fortifiers' and that can bind calcium are also present within these fish bones. Ossomer® MCHC is derived from these organic bones in a cold process that preserves the perfect balance of all minerals found. Most calcium available today is in the form of inorganic calcium salts such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and coral. 

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