Tripernol® A natural anti-inflammatory supplement CONTAINS HIGHLY ABSORBABLE FATTY ACIDS
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Public Enemy Number ONE!
When it comes to your health, inflammation is public enemy number one.  Inflammation is normally a good thing. Inflammation is the body's attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens - and begin the healing process. Unfortunately, today inflammation is rampant in our bodies, and is the underlying problem of many of today's more serious health issues including arthritis, colitis, Fibromyalgia and many, many more.
So how can a supplement like Tripernol® ever play a part in correcting this occurrence? 
Omega 3 and Omega 6 Imbalance
Fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for life, but our bodies do not make them. We must receive them in the foods we eat. Instead of a 1-1 balance, we often have a 20-1, and even up to 50-1 balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. 
Changes in manufacturing processes have resulted in high amounts of Omega 6. Especially bad are hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, and genetically engineered corn and soy products. Other Omega 6 is fatty acids are Corn oil, Soy oil, and Safflower oil. Omega 6 fatty acids are also found in poultry, avocado's, nuts, eggs, and some wheat.

In the old days products only had a short shelf life, but once hydrogenation was developed and these oils removed,  products could stay on the shelf for longer and longer periods of times. What we did not understand was that most of the Omega 3's were being removed. Omega 3 is a poly-unsaturated fat (PUFA). It is a type of fat that is always in a liquid form and never gels or hardens. After years and years of using the hydrogenation process we are now faced with understanding the consequences. 
Inflammation and Omega 3 and Omega 6
There are inflammatory pathways in our cells. As Omega 3 and Omega 6 enter our cells, they compete one on one to be received into each and every cell. When you have an over abundance of Omega 6 fatty acid in your diet, it has a serious consequence. This over abundance allows more Omega 6 to enter our cells and less Omega 3 to find their way into a cell. The big problem is that Omega 6 fatty acids are inflammatory in nature while the Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in nature. This large ratio difference lends our bodies to be pro inflammatory instead of anti-inflammatory. Many believe this is the reason for so many suffering from so many diseases, many unheard of only a short time ago. Most of us live in a pro-inflammatory state because of this imbalance. Reducing the ratio toward a correct 1/1 will bring us back to a balance that our ancestors once enjoyed. Tripernol can play a big part in turning this imbalance around.
Green Lipped Mussel Oil vs Fish Oil
We all know that fish oil is extremely popular and that many of you probably take fish oil. It is the world's most affordable source of supplemental omega 3. Fish oil contains two Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Green Lipped Mussel Oil contains 37 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. 
Fish oil comes in three forms. The best form is the free fatty acids you receive when you actually eat fish. In supplement form, there are two basic types, triglyceride and ethel ester. The triglyceride form is the best type of fish oil supplement because it is more absorbable than ethel ester. The triglyceride form have a triglyceride "backbone" to the grouping of fatty acids. Triglyceride omega 3 fish oils are usually found in the more expensive brands. Most of the fish oil supplements sold today in the US is of the Ethel Ester type. Ethel Ester is a processed form. The fatty acids are grouped together. Our bodies must add the triglyceride backbone for absorption. 
Green Lipped Mussel oil like Tripernol® contains a free fatty acid form but it is bound to phospholipids, not triglycerides. In this, it is more like krill oil, who's omega 3's are also bound to phospholipids. Krill oil only contains EPA and DHA omega 3, like fish oil but does not have the broad group of fatty acids that mussel oil does.
Some say that the absorption rate of Omega 3's in the form of free fatty acids in phospholipid form is greater than Omega 3 triglycerides and triglycerides are absorbed more efficiently than ethyl esters. This is a debate with no know definitive answer. Just look it up on the web. Everyone has an opinion, but no one seems to be sure. This seems to be the case with many supplements. Whether one works quicker than another is almost moot. Once Tripernol® reaches your cells, you will begin to feel the difference. Long term use of Tripernol® will allow the 37 fatty acids to work their magic and your body will thank you.
Why is Tripernol® not available in stores?
Many have asked why they cannot find green lipped mussel oil in stores. The reason is pretty simple. There is a limited amount of mussels grown each year. Because of the limited resource it is unlikely that these wonderful supplements will ever be available in the quantity needed for such a large distribution. We are very proud to have the opportunity to supply you and we will always be available for any questions you may have. 

When these figures are combined with the unit cost per capsule, Tripernol emerges as clearly the most cost-effective source of mussel oil Omega-3 available on the market.

This comparison data has been reviewed by the New Zealand Advertising Compliance Board and has remained unchanged.The real truth about the amount of fatty acids within Green Lipped Mussel Oil.
Tripernol® contains even more fatty acids than previously thought. In total, as many as 91 fatty acids are present in green lipped mussel oil with 10 being omega 3.

Certified Organic Anti-Inflammatory Food

Compare Tripernol® for Strength and Value

1 Tripernol soft gel = 4.2 Lyprinol gels
1 Tripernol soft gel = 16.5 Moxxor gels
1 Tripernol soft gel = 11.7 Omega XL gels (50mg capsule)

Tripernol contains 167mg of Green-Lipped Mussel oil per soft gel. 
   70.2mg of this weight consists of highly bio-available Omega-3s. 

In comparison, our major competitors offer: 

Lyprinol: 14mg per soft gel
Moxxor: 3.4mg per soft gel 
Omega XL: 4.8mg per soft gel (50mg capsules)

TRIPERNOL® Green Lipped Mussel Oil

Below is the list and amounts of fatty acids found within green lipped mussel oil.

Tripernol® contains 167mg fatty acid content per soft gel, more than any other brand.

From  Gas Chromatography–Chemical Ionization–Mass Spectrometric Fatty Acid Analysis of a Commercial Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Lipid Extract from New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus)
Christopher J. Wolyniaka, J. Thomas Brenna, Karen J. Murphy, and Andrew J. Sinclair

ABSTRACT: Supercritical fluid extracts of New Zealand green-lipped mussels (NZGLM) have been suggested to have therapeutic properties related to their oil components. The large number of minor FA in NZGLM extract was characterized by a GC–CIMS/MS method that excels at identification of double-bond positions in FAME. The extract contained five major lipid classes: sterol esters, TAG, FFA, sterols, and polar lipids. The total FA content of the lipid extract was 0.664 g/mL. Fifty-three unsaturated FA (UFA) were fully identified, of which 37 were PUFA, and a further 21 UFA were detected for which concentrations were too low for assignment of double-bond positions. There were 17 saturated FA, with 14:0, 16:0, and 18:0 present in the greatest concentration. The 10 n-3 PUFA detected included 20:5n-3 and 22:6n-3, the two main n-3 FA; n-3 PUFA at low concentrations were 18:3, 18:4, 20:3, 20:4, 21:5, 22:5, 24:6, and 28:8. There were 43 UFA from the n-4, n-5, n-6, n-7, n-8, n-9, n-10, n-11 families, with 16:2n-4, 16:1n-5, 18:1n-5, 18:2n-6, 20:4n-6, 16:1n-7, 20:1n-7, 16:1n-9, 18:1n-9, and 20:1n-9 being the most abundant. In general, we estimated that FAME concentrations greater than 0.05% (w/w) were sufficient to assign double-bond positions. In total, 91 FA were detected in an extract of the NZGLM, whereas previous studies of fresh flesh from the NZGLM had reported identification of 42 FA. These data demonstrate a remarkable diversity of NZGLM FA.

Tripernol® is pure green lipped mussel oil, processed directly from fresh mussel meat. (Never Powder) Mussels are hand opened, hand washed, with no foreign matter ever. This is the King of Mussel Oil.
Tripernol® uses mussel meat (never powder) to extract their oil. 
There is a difference between GLM oil and GLM powder. GLM oil produces a much faster and deeper anti-inflammatory response.  Mussel Powders are usually sourced from crushing live mussels and by default, there is always mussel shell fragments within the powder. Also, by crushing, many of the phospholipids are destroyed by enzymatic activity (phospholipase) simply because by crushing you have released them from the stomach, and until the powder is dried, they wreck havoc, like a fox in a hen house. 

All mussel oils and powders dried by spray drying or freeze drying, the two most common methods, MUST have heat applied to kill possible listeria. It is prolonged heat at 60 degrees centigrade. GLM products from all manufacturers must use some heat to kill listeria as a New Zealand Government requirement. Heat though, is not the enemy of GLM oil. The enemy is oxygen and excessive heat. Tripernol® is processed using mild enzymes at mild heat and then solvent extracted under a vacuum.

Green Lipped Mussels are native only to the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand. The New Zealand Greenshell mussel industry operates within some of the strictest quality standards in the world. Both mussels and sea water are constantly monitored and tested for biotoxins, bacteria, and heavy metals. New Zealand's high aquaculture standards have been recognized by the International Conservation Organization Blue Ocean Institute, which ranked New Zealand Greenshell mussels as one of the top two 'eco friendly seafoods' in the world.
Tripernol® GLM Oil is a sustainable resource. Naturally raised mussels are carefully directed by the New Zealand government. Baby spat, washed ashore in seaweed, are placed on large ropes attached to buoys in the ocean. Spat are free to disengage to other locations. Time is of the essence in the harvest. Only hours after recovery, mussels are processed into oil or powder

Up to 91 Fatty Acids and 10 Omega 3's  found in Green Lipped Mussel Oil

Best Value on the Market - More mussel oil than any brand

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Exceptional Supplements

Tripernol® is a green lipped mussel oil supplement. The green lipped mussel is a unique source of a special type of Omega 3 fatty acids. The Omega 3 within the mussel are attached to a phospholipid group. Green lipped mussels contain marine phospholipids and have long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. Phospholipids play an extremely important function in our bodies, they form the cell membranes. Phospholipids are the major constituent of our trillions of cell membranes. 
Having omega 3 fatty acids attached to phospholipids enhance the effective absorbency of the fatty acids by our bodies, thus insuring that they get to work where they are needed.
The green lipped mussel contains the unique combination of 8 different types of omega 3, including DHA and EPA along with the hard to find ETA fatty acid. Tripernol® in contains over 37 different PUFA fatty acids. In manufacturing Tripernol® Bio-Mer, the manufacturer, takes great care in including all the phospholipids found within the mussel. There are no known adverse events from taking Tripernol®, but because all of the natural phospholipids present, anyone with shellfish allergies should not take Tripernol®.Tripernol® is considered the King of Mussel Oil (Perna canaliculus) with more than four times the amount of Green Lipped Mussel oil than the closest competitor. Tripernol® gives more value for your money and is the most economical of all the mussel oil supplements.

Green Lipped Mussels only grow along the New Zealand coast in pristine water. Nowhere else on earth are they found. They are a large ocean shellfish considered a delicacy by locals and high end restaurants worldwide. The health benefits are derived from the high content of essential fatty acids (omega 3's) found in the mussel. Mussel oil contains concentrated omega 3 fatty acids bound to phospholipids, and thus is more similar to krill oil than to fish oil and is more easily absorbed than fish oil.

If you suffer from inflammatory pain and seek a natural way to ease this pain while improving overall health, join the thousands who have discovered one of the world's greatest supplements, Tripernol® Green Lipped Mussel oil.